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Checking Out Herobrine



Herobrine Ready to Go


Herobrine Folk Dancing


Herobrine on the Move


The Making of Herobrine

My DIY Herobrine costume project. Done in time for Halloween! More photos coming soon….

Some foamboard for the frame…

A "skin" sewn from felt

A “skin” sewn from felt

"I want his eyes to shine bright white, mom."

“I want his eyes to shine bright white, mom.”

Sneak Preview #1

Sneak Preview #1

Working on the torso

Working on the torso

Sneak Preview #2

Sneak Preview #2

Sneak Preview #3

Sneak Preview #3

Heads, shoulders...

Heads, shoulders…

Sneak Preview #4

Sneak Preview #4

....knees & toes

….knees & toes

Cambria's Corner

Some people use crayons, others numbers, but I prefer words.

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Let's go have some pancakes.

(these pancakes better be good).

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