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The Making of Herobrine

My DIY Herobrine costume project. Done in time for Halloween! More photos coming soon….

Some foamboard for the frame…

A "skin" sewn from felt

A “skin” sewn from felt

"I want his eyes to shine bright white, mom."

“I want his eyes to shine bright white, mom.”

Sneak Preview #1

Sneak Preview #1

Working on the torso

Working on the torso

Sneak Preview #2

Sneak Preview #2

Sneak Preview #3

Sneak Preview #3

Heads, shoulders...

Heads, shoulders…

Sneak Preview #4

Sneak Preview #4

....knees & toes

….knees & toes


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  1. Hello, your costume looks so great. How much can I buy one off of you for my son? He wears size 8-10 in boys.

    • Thanks, Jessica! It took me like a month to make it, and I will never do it again! My son wants another Minecraft costume this year so I’m hoping to find a very easy way to do it. I’ll bet you could find someone on etsy who could make something cool for you! Feel free to take screenshots of my costume to show someone what kind of thing you are looking for.

  2. How did you manage to get the eyes to glow without having the light bother your sons eyes inside the head?

    • I hot-glued a bucket hat to the inside of the head, and surrounded it with soft foam rubber to support it. The light was attached above the brim of the bucket hat, aimed down and out of the eyes. I still had to walk with him because he couldn’t see well enough to walk by himself.

  3. Very amazing!!! question: were the pants square-shaped as well? or just plain?

    • Hi Jenner, the pants were not square/boxy shaped. I used a basic elastic-waisted pants pattern. It’s made of felt, and I sewed a grid pattern onto the fabric. Only the shirt and head have the foam-board underneath.

  4. Omg thats so cool , if u have more of thoes how much is one its so cool


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